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Prof. Dr. Klaus Sengstock

phone:+49 40 8998 5201

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Academic education and scientific degrees


Habilitation in Physics at the University of Hannover

1989 - 1993

Ph.D. at the University of Bonn


Diploma in Physics at Bonn Universit


Professional background


Vice-Dean of the Faculty for Mathematics, Computational Science and Natural Science

Since 2003

Director of the Institute of Laser Physics, University of Hamburg


Full Professor (C4) at the University of Hamburg

1995 - 1998

Researcher at the Institute for Quantum Optics, Hannover           

1994 – 1995

EU-research-postdoc at the Institut d'Optique, Orsay, France



Selected professional memberships:

Research topics: ultracold bosonic and fermionic quantum gases, quantum gas mixtures, spinor-Bose-Einstein condensates, ultracold molecules, nonlinear-atom optics with coherent quantum gases, solitons, ultrasensitive atom and molecule detection, ultrasensitive laser spectroscopy, nanostructuring with atom lithography, laserdevelopment, trapping of nanoparticles by light.


Since 2009

Speaker of the Landesexzellenzcluster “Frontiers in Quantum Photon Science”

Since 2008

Speaker of the new “Centre for Optical Quanten-Technologies” (ZOQ) at the University of Hamburg

Since 2008

PI of HGF center “Femtosecond X-ray science: Imaging of nanoparticles and biosamples”

Since 2006

Speaker of the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg “Physics with new advanced coherent light sources”

Since 2006

PI of the DFG-Forschergruppe FOR 801 “Strong correlations in ultracold quantum gases”

Since 2007

PI of the European/DFG-research collaboration ‘Fermionic quantum gases’

2004 -  2006

PI of the HGF center “Physics with coherent radiation sources”

1998 – 2002

                                   PI of the SFB 407: “Quantum limited measurement processes”

1997 – 2002

                              Coordinator (together with W. Ertmer) of the EU-TMR network Coherent Matter Wave Interactions