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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ertmer

Consultant for iSense
Institut für Quantenoptik
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover, Germany

phone:(+49) (511) 762-2231
fax:(+49) (511) 762-2211

Bild von Prof. Dr.  Wolfgang Ertmer

Research Interests:

Atom Optics
Quantum Optics, Precision Metrology

Work within iSense:


Prof. Wolfgang Ertmer has an internationally outstanding expertise in quantum engineering and metrology. The team could win him as a consultant for the project. Since 1985 he has established a research group for Laser Cooling, Atom & Quantum Optics and Laser Medicine and trained many outstanding young scientists. His group combines research in fundamental fields of physics (especially quantum physics) with applications in such far-ranging fields as laser development and laser applications in medicine. The strength of his research group lies in the strong and fruitful collaboration between these different sub-fields as well as with the theoretical quantum optics group at the University of Hannover. Furthermore he is coodinator of the Sonderforschungsbereich 407 and Excellence Cluster QUEST, Co-coordinator of the Laboratory of Nano- and Quantum-Engineering of the University Hanover and member of the Board Laser Zentrum Hannover.